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The Equipment



The Fuji Frontier 550 is our go to for smaller format prints. With a true chemical based silver halide process it gives the traditional lab look and quality you would expect from a modern photo shop. This printer can maintain quality all the way up to a 12×25 print, and can run up to 1,200 prints per hour at normal sizes.

Epson 9900


This is our flagship large format printer which can handle prints up to 44 inches on the short side, by an essentially unlimited number of inches on the long side. Not only are huge enlargement prints possible, but they are also available on many specialty papers (pricing may vary) such as canvas, pearl, or metallic. Ask about our seasonal sales on specialty papers.

Sawgrass Virtuoso vj628


Featuring the Sawgrass VJ 628, the Virtuoso 25” 8-Color HD Product Decorating System is the industry’s first fully integrated sublimation printing solution of this size. Utilizing a best-in-class print engine, sublimation ink set, software and support, this 8-color system is designed for high-volume, high-definition printing – and is built to last, even in the most demanding production environments.

Xerox Color 570 Printer


The Xerox® Color 560/570 Printer is engineered to bring out the best in digital printing. Whether you need to create a customer brochure, a captivating proposal or presentation, an eye-catching poster, or even window decals or polyester signs, you get stunning results every time.

What can we do for you? At Lynchburg Photoworks we want to help you grow in your photographic journey. Whatever you need, we can do.

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Epson 9900 Printer
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